Wednesday, July 16, 2008

NHW info on scam

Below is a scam reported to be operating in the west of the Borough. So far we have had no similar reports, but it could come this way. To date there have only been two victims but  both are elderly, so whilst not prevalent it is of considerable concern.

This is how it works:

A female phones the victim claiming to be from the bank and states there is a problem with the victims bank card and that the card needs to be collected.

A male attends the address purporting to be from a cab company to collect and deliver the card to the bank.

One victim handed over the card and has had over £1000 taken from their account.

The second victim refused to hand over the card when the "taxi" arrived .

On the occasion the card was handed over the female rang back and asked for the validation code on the rear of the card.

Any information on this to us please on 020 8721 2570, unless a suspect is present or nearby in which case it easily justifies 999.

Chris Chandler PS 18JI