Thursday, December 20, 2007

Purchase your Christmas DVD at Barkingside Home Hardware for only £3. The money raised will help the Business Partnership in the future.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rating News

The Government has recently announced the provisional multipliers in England for 2008/09 as follows:

Non-Domestic Rating Multiplier 0.462

Small Business Non-Domestic Rating Multiplier 0.458

Full details are available from the CLG website by clicking here or call our Property Helpline.

Retail Scene

BRC Sales Monitor reported very subdued sales in November with like-for-like increases of only 1.2% compared with November 2006 and 1.8% uplift in sales for the 3 months to November when compared with the previous year. Discussions with members indicate that Christmas trading to date has been generally disappointing and the ‘rush’ is still awaited. It is reported that large retailers are to ask the Government to extend opening by four hours on the last Sunday prior to Christmas, in an attempt to overcome the current poor trading situation. There is concern that most people will be travelling or concentrating on food shopping on Christmas Eve.


ASOS, the on-line fashion retailer has reported phenomenal sales in recent weeks and this reflects the continuing boom in internet sales generally, where sales are anticipated to reach £15bn for the Xmas quarter, up 60% on 2006. John Lewis was also bucking the trend reporting a 7% uplift in sales for the third week in November to £71m.


On the downside Moss Bros issued a profit warning after losing £800k in the first half of the year, it reported total sales falling 3.7% in the last 18 weeks. Sofa specialist ScS also reported like for like sales down 16% in a recent trading update.


Tesco has launched the first 15 stores of its new Fresh & Easy concept on the US west coast to great acclaim and plans to increase the number to 200 by February 2009.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The debate has begun

Barkingside does not need the pedestrion crossing moved 15 yards outside Somerfields, it does not need the boundary for craven car park moved to give a bigger pavement outside the carpark when it was moved 5 years ago what is this all about.? we as a Partnership have been trying to improve the High Street and when you have schemes that do not improve parking in the Street but seem to annoy our potential customers with the rents increasing due to unlicense premises paying over the top rents which effect the whole high street and the Council allowing them to trade. Come on people wake up, our local councillors seem more content in arguing amongst themselves than supporting the high street and unless we make our achievments so far into a legacy for barkingside we will be defeated by red tape and personal goals.

So why this debate is going on lets not forget our local councillors who have been elected by our local community, in all our aims i have not heard one of them speak up for Barkingside they seem more interested in what is happening in there own backsides.

Barkingside can be a example to other high Street we have the profile and we are not going away .

So work with us or get blown away

Monday, December 17, 2007

High Street's Role

For 70% a local high street is a vital part of a healthy society. It provides a mix of local identity, social cohesion plus a practical local resource.

Shopping Space

Despite the expansion of out of town alternatives, 60% think the high street should be somewhere they can do the bulk of their shopping. Half see it in equally practical terms as somewhere to go for specific things or as an ad hoc shopping place.

Meeting Place

Practicalities aside, the social role of the high street is still very important for large groups of people right across the economic and social divide. Almost two thirds (63%) feel a high street should be a place to meet people. Over half (54%) say it should be a place where the elderly can socialise or where the young can shop and meet friends safely (56%)

The function of a high street becomes even more important among the young themselves, with two thirds (66%) of younger adults studied seeing the high street’s role as a safe shopping and meeting place for the younger people.

Practicalities aside, the social role of the high street is still very important for large groups of people right across the economic and social divide

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Barkingside High Street Goes Back to the Future

In conjunction with the Continental Market Barkingside Business Partnership are taking the residents and community back in time on 15th December out side barkingside library from 12 noon until 4pm
Proffessor Emmott Brown will be in Barkingside High Street with his time travelling Delorean from the Back to the future films.
He will be entertaining the children and showing off his patented Flux Capacitor in all its glory.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Coffee Mornings with Barkingside 21

in the Hainault Room,

Fullwell Cross Library

10:00am – 12:00noon

Thursday 17th January 2008

Guest speaker: Jenny Douse

Health Improvement, Redbridge PCT

Thursday 21st February 2008

Guest speaker: Chris Chandler

And the Fullwell Safer Neighbourhood Team

Thursday 27th March 2008

Guest speaker: Morris Hickey & Others

Barkingside Regeneration

Keep up with local affairs by attending Area Committee Meetings

Keep up with local affairs by attending

Area Committee Meetings

Area 3:

[Fairlop, Fullwell & Hainault wards]

Wednesday 23rd January 2008

start 7:15pm

venue: to be confirmed


Area 4:

[Aldborough, Barkingside & Clayhall wards]

Thursday 31st January 2008

start 7:15pm

at Oaks Park School, Newbury Park

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Relocation of Continental Market

Due to problems with the paved area outside the swimming pool the Christmas market is to be relocated to Fairlop car park in Craven Gardens. We are still good for the 13th to the 16th of December. We hope to see you all there are hope that you will all continue to support Barkingside.

This is the first continental market to come to our high street and with your support we hope to see more.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

FW: [Your Barkingside] Planning application 2998/07 105 high Street Barkingside

We as a partnership would like to object to the change of usage at the above premises for the following reasons:

In considering this application the planning section of the council will be using the principle planning policies UDP CC14 and LDF R3

In policy CC14 it states:

Proposals that result in more than 15m of adjoining frontage being in use for the purpose other than A1 would be refused.

Taking the application as the centre block no more than 15 metres out of 30m should be non A1 use.

With an A3 premises either side, clearly the proposed change does not comply with the above criteria contained in Policy CC14.

In policy LDF R3 it states:

The retail role remains predominant. As a General guideline the proportion of A1 units shall be no less than 70 %, the figure for Barkingside is now in the low 60% ratio of A1 usage so retail is not in the predominate role.

I would also mention there is now an over proliferation of A3 Usage in Barkingside High Street.

Please also refer to policy BF 22 and would show concerns that this extraction system affects next door neighbours and the external extract flue is dissimilar to other flues located to rear of properties along Barkingside High Street and is therefore not consistent with policy BF1 and BF22 and I would suggest is not in a safe condition and raises the concern regarding local residents safety.

I would also like to raise why no planning permission has been applied for when changing the shop front?

My last referral is to the previous application which was made on these premises for change of usage,

And the decision made by the Regional Planning Committee North and I have extracted the result below

Regional Planning Committee North (Aldborough, Barkingside, Clayhall, Fairlop, Fullwell and Hainault)
Wednesday, 9th May, 2007 7.15 p.m.


Mr. Stavros Nicola

105 High Street, Barkingside.

Decision: Refused planning permission.

The proposal which involves the loss of a retail unit within the Town Centre would result in an over-concentration of non-retail uses harming the vitality and viability of the retail function of the retail parade, contrary to Policy CC14 of this Council’s Unitary Development Plan.

I would also hope that this application is not referred to Regional Planning Committee North for consideration as the previous application has already been refused and this would be a waste of the Committees time.

Posted By working for the good of Barkingside to Your Barkingside at 11/21/2007 04:27:00 PM

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Barkingside will never be the same again

What a Night!

Barkingside was rocking last night and it was a night when we should all be proud of the Partnership.
I would like to say a special thank you to the Kenneth More Theatre they were brilliant,
Louise Bagan who had an excellent voice (X Factor material)
The St Augustine’s Choir
The Hillbilly Express who were excellent
Lee Scott our MP
And let’s not also forget Ziggy what a nice guy
Father Christmas, the snowman, elves and reindeer well done Angie and the staff from Tootsie. You put 100% into the event and it paid of
Father Christmas Horse and Carriage supplied by Hawes funeral directors
The Clowns and Jugglers supplied by the Great British Circus
And the Fireworks wow!
A big thank you to Martin from Pizza Hut for his hard work and who co-ordinated all the events on stage (I think you are in the wrong Job Mate!)

I would also like to say a special thank you to Time Radio and the Ilford Recorder who gave us so much publicity.
Martins mum and Chris who supplied the PA system.
Elliot from James shoe care who worked hard with me and Martin setting up the stage.
Daniel Home Hardware and Angie Tootsie who were working hard getting all the stage material and performers ready.
Sainsbury’s who supplied the Mince Pies, wine and other goodies
Pizza Hut who supplied the Pizzas
Haven House Girls what lovely people
Willie the janitor who plugged us into the National Grid.
The Army and Navy crew for helping on the night.
Sgt Christopher Chandler who kept us all safe

This event took 3 weeks to organize and it all started at our last partnership meeting where the £1000 we had raised for the Christmas lights was match funded by the Councils regeneration team and Area 3 pledged £4,500 towards the lights.

I hope you will all attend our next meeting on Tuesday 4th December at 5.30pm at the Pie and Mash Shop where we will be organizing the first Continental street market to come to Barkingside on the weekend of the 16th December

Paul Burke ChairmanBBP

Message from your treasurer.

Ps (Begging Note)

The event cost us quite a bit more than we thought so if anyone who has not contributed to the Christmas fund please drop you payment into Daniel at Home Hardware.

We would like to hold more events in the future and we can only do this with your help, also if you would like an active roll please attend the next meeting.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hello Everyone

Preparations for Friday the 16th are well under way. Ziggy from Big Brother will be there to turn the lights on. .

Please, please please, spread the word, we need as many people there as possible. We are still looking for funding so anyone who has not contributed please join in and be a team player.

Time FM will also be there with their road crew so plenty of advertising for all. The Ilford Recorder will be running a piece this week and next.

Ho, ho ho Merry Christmas everyone and we look forward to seeing you all


Daniel Kaye

Barkingside Home Hardware

Treasurer to Barkingside Business Partnership.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas

Christmas will be coming to Barkingside on 16th of Novermber at 5pm so don't delay.

With the efforts of the Business Partnership, funding from Area 3 this should be a day to remember.At 5pm the lights will be turned on by our guest of the evening, getting the event under way.
We will be having Carols from St Augustine’s Choir conducted by Tracy Rubery and Juggles and Clowns from the Great British Circus.There will be Glow Sticks for the kids and Mince pies for the adults thanks to Sainsbury’s and Pizza thanks to Pizza Hut. Santa will be making an appearance with his own form of transport. There will also be a Bluegrass Acoustic Duo entertaining along the street.
This is the time to be Merry and bring life back into Barkingside.We would like to ask every Business in Barkingside to make every effort with their Christmas display this year, we understand you may not all sell Christmas products but we would like to see an effort from you all.

We look forward in seeing you all.

Barkingside Business Partnership.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Christmas in Barkingside

Christmas will be coming to Barkingside on 16th of Novermber at 5pm.

With the efforts of the Business Partnership and funding from Area 3 this should be a day to remember.

At 5pm the lights will be turned on by our guest of the evening, getting the event under way. We will be having Carols from St Augustine’s Choir conducted by Tracy Rubery and Juggles and Clowns from the Great British Circus.

There will be Glow Sticks for the kids and Mince pies for the adults thanks to Sainsbury’s and Pizza thanks to Pizza Hut. Santa will be making an appearance with his own form of transport.

There will also be a Bluegrass Acoustic Duo entertaining along the street. This is the time to be Merry and bring life back into Barkingside.

We would like to ask every Business in Barkingside to make every effort with their Christmas display this year, we understand you may not all sell Christmas products but we would like to see an effort from you all.

We look forward in seeing you all.

Barkingside Business Partnership.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Together we can make the difference.

Dear All

We are going to be switching on the Christmas Lights on the 16th November AT 5.PM, so please put this date in your diary. We are trying to make this a special event and must give special thanks to Forest farm, Hi-Tide and James shoe repair who have all been very generous. It is not to late to get involved and all help is very welcome. We are working hard to change this High Street and the work that Danny Diy, Martin Pizza hut and Angie Tootsie have been putting in needs a special mention, please remember this is all being done in our spare time our businesses dont run themselves? so please go the extra mile and make the High Street better for all.

Together we can make the difference.

A big thank you to Lee Scott our MP who we have asked to get Blue Chip Companies into the High Street i.e. Marks and Spencors and the Body Shop these will help everyone as they will bring people to the High Street who would go to loughton, Ilford etc

We are making this Christmas the best that Barkingside has seen, by:

1. Having better christmas lights with a generous donation of £1000 from some of the businesses.

2. Switching the lights on Friday 16th November.

3. By having Jugglers and Clowns for the kids supplied by the Great British Circus.

4. Trying to arrange a brass band for the night.

5. Father Christmas will be in town.

6. We have chosen Haven House as our charity for this event and the buddies will be at the switch on.

We are trying to arrange more exciting events for Christmas in Barkingside , so please don't sit back and let everyone else do the work get involved?

What we must also do is put decorations in our shops and windows so the High Street is glowing and also on the weekend of the continental market that our staff do not park in the High Street or the side roads, we must give people a chance to enjoy our High Street. You are doing this not for me but doing this for your own business this is why we have the partnership.

Paul Burke


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Save our High Street

lIt is the clearest signal yet that the haemorrhaging of local retailers - first highlighted by the Standard's Save Our Small Shops campaign - is being given top priority at the highest level of politics.
The commission will be chaired by Northampton South MP Brian Binley and includes former trade minister John Redwood and Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans, whose family run a newsagents in South Wales.
Non-political members include James Lowman, chief executive of the Association of Convenience Stores, and Lincolnshire Assistant Chief Constable Peter Davies. Mark Prisk, shadow business and enterprise minister, told the Standard: "David Cameron feels the vitality of town centres is crucial and has enormous social benefits.
"The work the Evening Standard has done has been really helpful in shaping policymakers' ideas.
"We should not be looking at this in the old way but with a new approach to politics that looks at issues in the round."
The investigation will be organised into five categories: planning, crime, retail competition from supermarkets and other chains, parking and transport, and local taxes and rents.
Mr Prisk said: "The intention is to identify the practical things that can be done to help. We need to find out how we can help them [small shops] to compete more successfully.
"Part of the problem is that government policy exists in silos. So, for example, the licensed trade doesn't come under the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, it comes under the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. But it still affects small shops."
Mr Binley said: "We don't want to turn the clock back but we do want to restore town centres as the social hubs they used to be. In my town centre of Northampton there is only one independent retailer left.
"A lot of town centres have become no-go areas because of binge drinkers. We are now in a situation where it is impossible to start a small business in town centres because of the cost."
In a few days the Competition Commission is due to publish its findings into whether supermarkets are unfairly driving smaller rivals out of business. The Government has said it will make its judgment on the plight of small shops after this.
The Standard's campaign was launched in March last year in response to growing concern about the accelerating loss of small, independently owned shops because of rising rents, rates, competition from supermarkets, rigid council parking policies and red tape

Saturday, October 20, 2007

At the end of the day this High St is for locals. Locals shop, locals look for houses, they eat and drink down here. Another Estate Agents is not a bad thing, it shows there is growth in the area and that people are moving in and out. More people to shop in our exisiting shops. Yes there are enough cafe's, enough clothes shops, enough £ shops etc., but as long as the shops are let and people are shopping then I'm not complaining. Choice is a good thing and there is a choice of Estate Agents, so whilst people are looking around for a new house, they are also passing and entering through our doors. Lets try and find something new to moan about!

Loraine Outlet

Thank you for your email, I wish to point out a few facts, we as a partnership are trying to encourage Marks and Spencers and the body shop into the High Street and this will also encourage other blue chip companies to look at the high Street, we are in a fight at the moment where we are dealing with narrow minded people I.E the council who basically dont care about our High Street. Please remember we have to earn our living, we dont know how much we are going to take every week yet they know how much is in there bank account no matter what? this is not a lets see what we can moan about today thing this is sustaining our businesses for our well being. I hope you understand this and will be at the meeting on the 26th October where we need your support in getting blue chip companies into the High Street, any shop keepers who you know please encourage them to attend this meeting it will be for the good of all our businesses and numbers will tell if we can make this a thriving High Street, so please give this your best shot. We need the support

Paul Burke

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Planning Update

Basically, the Committee agreed the change of use for UK Salon to be an Estate Agents and referred the other application Halifax Building Society to Regulatory Committee to explore the retention of 35 as A1 use under a S.106 agreement. This has to be done at Regulatory, as Regional Planning Committees do not have the powers to consider S.106's.

Monday, October 15, 2007

We want a fair hearing

Dear Councillor,
I am writing to you before the forthcoming Regional Area planning committee Meeting on the 15th October 2007. While I am not trying to influence you in the important decisions which you have to make, I would like to address two applications which you have to consider.

The applications are:
Number 1639/07
Number 2541/07

When reading the agenda for the committee to consider I would like to bring to your attention:
Page 71 paragraph 2 of the Application 1639/07.
And page 75 paragraphs 6 of Application 2541/07

This information is provided by the planning section as advice for you as elected members of Redbridge Council and with the privilege of being on this committee, so you can reach a planning decision in the best interest of the local electorate.
Once you have read these two paragraphs, it shows clearly the information in the agenda is not correct and would greatly cloud your judgment. It also brings into doubt its credibility? How can the percentages used on these two applications vary so much.

In referring to policy CC14 and with reference to the primary footage this information does not take into consideration the following:
Rowans at 135
Elite at 105
Do D0 94
Proposed estate agents at number 84.
Which are still classified as A1 RETAIL?

Then please look at paragraph 4 page 70 and paragraph 2(1) Page 75 and how they contradict themselves.
With these flaws in the agenda how can you be expected to make clear judgements on these crucial planning decisions for Barkingside High Street?

We have been warmly welcomed by our local councillors and Lee Scott our MP but when we address non elected council officers we hit a wall of red tape and frustration. Are you aware that we as a partnership run a petition in Barkingside to govern what customers and local residents wanted from Barkingside High Street and if they agreed with our aims. The only shops involved were committee members of the Partnership which consisted of 6 businesses and over a 3 week period we raised 3000 signatures which proves the general public want a different High Street.

We feel very frustrated on how 105 High Street has been allowed to open, when the regional planning committee refused change of usage from A1 to A3/A5 and we are now told that cooking Egg Beans and Chips or a hamburger or an omelette is not cooking food but warming food, this is an insult to our intelligence. When we are also told by a council officer it is better than having an empty shop?
We as a Partnership want to work with our Local Councillors in the best interest of Barkingside. We have a meeting with our MP Lee Scott on the 26th October on ways to encourage Blue Chip Companies into Barkingside High Street which we feel will help to regenerate Barkingside but to move forward we must put retail back as the predominant role in High Street.
Paul Burke ChairmanMartin Nevile Vice ChairmanDaniel Kaye TreasurerElliot James Secretary

Monday, September 24, 2007

Proposed development at 58, 60, 62, High Street, Barkingside, Essex, IG6 2DQ

Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995

Proposed development at
58, 60, 62, High Street, Barkingside, Essex, IG6 2DQ

I give notice that Halifax Bank Of Scotland c/o agent is applying to Redbridge Council for Full Planning Permission for a:-

Change of use of the ground floor of 62 & 60, and part of 58 from shop (Class A1) to bank (Class A2), 16sqm rear extension to no 60 alterations to the front and side elevations and associated works.

Members of the public may inspect copies of the application, and the plans and other documents submitted with it, at the Council’s First Stop Shop on the ground floor of Lynton House, 255-259 High Road, Ilford IG1 1NN and at FULLWELL CROSS LIBRARY until 21 days from the date of this notice. THE APPLICATION WILL BE DELIVERED TO FULLWELL CROSS LIBRARY and One Stop Shop ON 11-Sep-2007 AND WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION FROM 4.00PM ON THAT DAY AND THEN AT THE LIBRARY OPENING TIMES STATED ON THE ATTACHED SHEET.

Anyone who wishes to make representations about this application should write to the Council at the above address not later than 21 days from the date of this notice. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS IS INCLUDED PARTICULARLY IF YOU ARE REPLYING VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL.
Please quote 2541/07.

Vincent Maher
Acting Head of Development Control

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Barkingside Business Partnership

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 28th August, in Danny’s Pie & Mash, High Road, Barkingside
Cllr. Mrs Candy LBR, David Swaint Barkingside 21, Cllr. Harry Moth LBR, Elliott James James Shoe Care, Paul Burke Danny’s Pie & Mash, Pravesh Dodo Lounge, Martn neville pizza hut,
Angela Hellis Tootsies, Goutam Supha KFC, Anita Freeman KFC, John Sharwell Barkingside 21,
Loraine Outlet Alan Howe Barkingside 21, Rhonda Stewart Danny's Pie and Mash, Daniel Kaye Home Hardware, Tony Binder Army & Navy, John Trevillion Metropolitan Police Service, Reg Woda LBR – Partnership Support 5 Other members Members

1. Apologies for Absence

MP Lee Scott, Cllr Hayes, Cllr Ryan, Inspector Chandler, hI-Tide, Macdonalds, Gripsure tyres, Natwest, T mobile,

2. Welcome and Introductions
· The Chairman welcomed members to the meeting and spoke enthusiastically of the proposed action plan for Barkingside and the way forward.
· He informed the meeting of the successful implementation of the Business Partnership website and facility it offered members to promote their shops and be involved in a discount scheme. Initial costs for the website were £70, which would be recovered by sales initiatives.
· The members were urged to promote the website and the discount scheme in their shop windows.
· The website was very versatile and to date 78 hits had been recorded.
· For further information contact Martin on
· The meeting was informed that the website would be updated for Christmas.

3. Minutes of the Last Meeting
The minutes of the last meeting were approved and matters arising would be covered by agenda items.

4. Financial Report
· The meeting discussed the present level of member subscriptions and it was resolved that this would be reviewed to provide the partnership with a more substantial financial basis to conduct members’ business.
· Members were informed that the Christmas Lights scheme would cost approximately £8000 and this must be funded by members’ contributions and a matched funding resource from the Regeneration Service of up to £2500 and further support from the Area Committee.
· The meeting approved a resolution for a Christmas Lights fundraising drive to raise £1000.
· The current financial situation showed £1300 in the partnership bank account.
· The switch-on of the Christmas Lights in the High Road was planned for Friday 16th November and more details would be available at the next meeting and a small sub-committee was formed to plan this event.

5. Crime, Grime and Other Issues
· The Chairman introduced John Trevillion, MPS, Barkingside’s Crime Prevention Officer.
· The meeting heard of the need to share information across the Borough and issues raised elsewhere would be brought to the partnership’s notice.
· He recognised that Barkingside has its own specific problems and these were being addressed.
· Problems of youth anti-social behaviour and gangs collecting in the High Road were discussed by members.
· The CPO offered members and their staff a workshop to help deal with the problem of abusive customers and similar offences.
· The meting discussed the proposed extension to the borough's CCTV scheme, but cameras in the High Road would drive offenders into the alleys off the main road and raise new problems. CCTV though an asset sometimes brought with it a deflection in crime.
· Members were offered the opportunity at a future date to visit the borough’s CCTV centre in Ley Street, to learn more about the system.

6. Any Other Business
· The meeting heard of planning issues that were of concern:
1. Rowans were in breach and an enforcement notice was in place until the 17th October.
2. Nos. 105, 47, 112 were also subjects of planning concern and the partnership had a watching brief.
· The sale of liquor to under age persons was of concern and members should be advised of the law and be alert to their responsibilities.
· The members were interested in the development of a working relationship with the members of the Area Committee.
· The meeting was updated on the regeneration plans for the Fullwell Cross roundabout and its immediate area and members took part in a lively debate on this issue.
· The Action Plan referred to in the Chairman’s Opening Remarks was tabled and copies circulated for future comment.
· A market for Pre-Christmas in Barkingside was being investigated.

8. Date of Next Meeting
Monday 1st October – Danny’s Pie and Mash, High Road, Barkingside

Friday, September 21, 2007

Save Barkingside

These are difficult times for Barkingside High Street; we as a partnership have only been formed in the last couple of months. Our motivation is to save our high Street from turning into a ghost town, we as businesses must unite and fight the forces that are trying to destroy our High Street, we can only do this together and by sharing our problems, we must come away from being over protective of our own businesses and start looking at the outside forces which could destroy your business.

With the contacts and knowledge we have obtained since our formation we can achieve a lot more together so please start working for all our common goals to have a good happy life and be prosperous support the partnership

Paul Burke