Friday, June 20, 2008

London Low Emission Zone

This scheme commenced on 4 February but from 7 July 2008, it will be extended to include additional vehicles. The whole of the Greater London area has been designated a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). Vehicles that do not meet the required emissions standards are required to pay a £200 daily charge to drive within the zone or risk a £1000 Penalty Notice Charge.


The current LEZ applies to all diesel engined lorries over 12 tonnes but in future the LEZ will apply:            

From 7 July 2008 to all diesel engined lorries between 3.5 and 12 tonnes and buses and coaches over 5 tonnes with more than 9 seats;

From 4 October 2010 to all diesel engined vans over 1.205 tonnes and minibuses under 5 tonnes with more than 9 seats.

For further information, Transport for London (TfL) has set up a dedicated enquiries service (0845 607 0009) to help vehicle owners and operators understand what the LEZ means for them and what they have to do to comply with the scheme. TfL’s website also provides detailed information about the LEZ.




Retail Scene

Boots and Majestic Wine have both reported strong sales and pre-tax profits but there has been some disturbing news from both Land of Leather and ScS Upholstery as they seek rights issues to bail them out of trouble. ScS is valued at just £3.5m compared with £190m two years ago. These two companies reflect the torrid time that furniture retailers are currently experiencing as consumers defer from making big ticket purchases.


BRC reported that like-for-like sales for May were up 1.9% on last year. This made welcome reading after two consecutive months where sales had declined on the same period in 2007. London reported strong growth up 8.2%, with Europeans capitalising on the strong euro, whilst US and Japanese visitors are still feeling the exchange pinch.




Economic Scene

The CBI has just thrown a bucket of cold water over the UK economy in its latest report. It predicts 2009 will see growth of about 1.3%, the slowest since the 1992 recession, with unemployment rising to about 1.8m, a rise of 150,000.


House prices have fallen on average about £15,000 this year and many builders are now mothballing sites rather than starting work. Much hinges on the price of oil which having reached nearly $140 a barrel earlier this month is trading at $133 today. How much the price is being driven by hedge fund speculation is impossible to know. It is possible that a slowing economy could drive the price down but it is not a given.


The Bank Governor has had to write a letter to the Chancellor as CPI reached 3.3% in May - above the 3% ‘trigger’ for only the second time since 1997. Containing inflationary pressures, the primary aim of the Bank of England, is unlikely to preclude the possibility of rising interest rates in the months ahead, although the Chancellor may prefer to receive regular letters from Mervyn King rather than see consumers (voters!) suffer even more than the market effects of inflation reaching above 4% by the year end.




Friday, June 13, 2008

Crime Information Update

Dear all,

Just a brief note with some information that should be of concern to the members of your various groups.

Across the borough (but fortunately not Fullwell Ward) we have seen several recent distraction burglaries. The caller has been posing as a water board official to gain entry.

Also we have had an isolated incident of another old favourite, an Asian male 5’6” 30yrs, called at an address in Ewellhurst Rd claiming to be a neighbour asking to borrow money for petrol. Needless to say he was neither a neighbour, nor likely to ever repay the loan. On this occasion the resident did the right thing.

Please pass on especially to your elderly and vulnerable residents. Obviously please reoprt any further instances to Police, 999 if the suspect is still there or nearby.

Chris Chandler PS 18JI
Fullwell SNT

Monday, June 9, 2008

FW: Business and the Redbridge Conversation

Redbridge Council has just launched the Redbridge Conversation. The Council is asking everyone who lives, works or invests in the Borough to talk about the long-term improvements they want to see, and how the Council should pay for them.  

There are a number of options discussed in the Redbridge Conversation that could affect your business. They include:

  • sale of car parks and increased parking charges
  • improving community safety with street lighting and CCTV
  • expanding recycling schemes
  • regeneration of Ilford town centre

Businesses are being invited to take part in discussions and events across the Borough. You can take the 'You Choose' challenge online and tell the Council how it should invest in the Borough's future  

Please forward this message to people in your business network who might be interested in having a say. If you would like to host a Redbridge Conversation debate within your business network, the Council can provide resources to make sure people taking part are properly informed.  

The results of the Redbridge Conversation will be sent to Councillors, who will be taking decisions that will shape the Borough's long-term future. You can find out about all the Council's investment and funding options on Redbridge i, the Council's website

To find out more about the Redbridge Conversation, contact Eddie Gibb, Head of Marketing and Communications, on 020 8708 3763 or

Monday, June 2, 2008


Barkingside High Street - Danny’s pie and mash

Slicks Barbers

Chadz Menswear

With love Florist.

Romford South Street - Professional Music Technology

Billericay - The New Crawdaddy Blues Club

Together with Barnardo’s charity we are putting on this great music event for 5,000 people on 24th August at the Barkingside Recreation Ground

We have a fantastic line up of music headlining with

The Stars from the Commitments from the classic 1991 film about the formation of the "World's Hardest Working Band”

Adults are £10 a ticket or £20 for family ticket of two adults and two children, so come and enjoy the music and other attractions we will have in the park that day,

Also staring in our line up are

Led Zep Too, one of the best Led Zeppelin tribute bands around who are rather proud of the fact that Ex Choir boy / drummer aled jones said “ I will never play with you guys again”

The Heaters are a fantastic four piece blues outfit who play at festivals all over the UK and also run and are the resident band at The New Crawdaddy Blues Club in Billericay Essex.

Rainbow Bridge are very talented and draw their feel from such bands as The Who The Jam and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Tin Soldier are a great rock covers band who focus on many of the classic rock tunes that are overlooked by most and therefore leave people hearing something a little bit different.

Lauren Derwent is a singer songwriter from Hertfordshire who is a gifted musician and singer songwriter, who sang with the National Youth Orchestra for 5 years touring the uk and Florida.

Bryan Perez became a guitar child prodigy at the age of 7 writing his own music and performing on Television and concerts worldwide, Bryans style is influenced by rock flamenco and dance with a universal appeal

Also featuring throughout the day will be DJ / compare Mark Dover Time FM’s very own breakfast Dj.

We have also lined up some great entertainment around the venue, see you there…..