Monday, June 9, 2008

FW: Business and the Redbridge Conversation

Redbridge Council has just launched the Redbridge Conversation. The Council is asking everyone who lives, works or invests in the Borough to talk about the long-term improvements they want to see, and how the Council should pay for them.  

There are a number of options discussed in the Redbridge Conversation that could affect your business. They include:

  • sale of car parks and increased parking charges
  • improving community safety with street lighting and CCTV
  • expanding recycling schemes
  • regeneration of Ilford town centre

Businesses are being invited to take part in discussions and events across the Borough. You can take the 'You Choose' challenge online and tell the Council how it should invest in the Borough's future  

Please forward this message to people in your business network who might be interested in having a say. If you would like to host a Redbridge Conversation debate within your business network, the Council can provide resources to make sure people taking part are properly informed.  

The results of the Redbridge Conversation will be sent to Councillors, who will be taking decisions that will shape the Borough's long-term future. You can find out about all the Council's investment and funding options on Redbridge i, the Council's website

To find out more about the Redbridge Conversation, contact Eddie Gibb, Head of Marketing and Communications, on 020 8708 3763 or

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