Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The debate has begun

Barkingside does not need the pedestrion crossing moved 15 yards outside Somerfields, it does not need the boundary for craven car park moved to give a bigger pavement outside the carpark when it was moved 5 years ago what is this all about.? we as a Partnership have been trying to improve the High Street and when you have schemes that do not improve parking in the Street but seem to annoy our potential customers with the rents increasing due to unlicense premises paying over the top rents which effect the whole high street and the Council allowing them to trade. Come on people wake up, our local councillors seem more content in arguing amongst themselves than supporting the high street and unless we make our achievments so far into a legacy for barkingside we will be defeated by red tape and personal goals.

So why this debate is going on lets not forget our local councillors who have been elected by our local community, in all our aims i have not heard one of them speak up for Barkingside they seem more interested in what is happening in there own backsides.

Barkingside can be a example to other high Street we have the profile and we are not going away .

So work with us or get blown away

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