Saturday, October 20, 2007

At the end of the day this High St is for locals. Locals shop, locals look for houses, they eat and drink down here. Another Estate Agents is not a bad thing, it shows there is growth in the area and that people are moving in and out. More people to shop in our exisiting shops. Yes there are enough cafe's, enough clothes shops, enough £ shops etc., but as long as the shops are let and people are shopping then I'm not complaining. Choice is a good thing and there is a choice of Estate Agents, so whilst people are looking around for a new house, they are also passing and entering through our doors. Lets try and find something new to moan about!

Loraine Outlet

Thank you for your email, I wish to point out a few facts, we as a partnership are trying to encourage Marks and Spencers and the body shop into the High Street and this will also encourage other blue chip companies to look at the high Street, we are in a fight at the moment where we are dealing with narrow minded people I.E the council who basically dont care about our High Street. Please remember we have to earn our living, we dont know how much we are going to take every week yet they know how much is in there bank account no matter what? this is not a lets see what we can moan about today thing this is sustaining our businesses for our well being. I hope you understand this and will be at the meeting on the 26th October where we need your support in getting blue chip companies into the High Street, any shop keepers who you know please encourage them to attend this meeting it will be for the good of all our businesses and numbers will tell if we can make this a thriving High Street, so please give this your best shot. We need the support

Paul Burke

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