Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Summer Carnival in Barkingside

Hi All
We are looking at having a Summer Carnival this year and we hope to get every ones ideas and everyone (who wants to be) involved...
Speaking to people in the High Street this last two weeks after our Partnership meeting it seems that there are some great ideas that we can really implement this Summer and put Barkingside on the Map in a Major way, and really upstage our Christmas event.
So we are not looking for money we are looking at ideas and some support in making this event happen, so if anyone has any ideas that can help us bring this event to life then please contact Martin on and we will get you involved as much or as little as you would like.
Remember this is our High Street, let us not wait for consumers to come to us let us drag them in by making them want to come.
We are looking at the back end of Summer, on a Sunday afternoon. We are looking to close the High Street from Baron Gardens traffic lights to the traffic lights at the Police Station to culminate in the park.
This is in the preliminary stages at the moment but things are moving fast lets roll with it and make it happen

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