Sunday, January 31, 2010

Comments from Barkingside 21

“I just think Barkingside has had it!” So says a well known and much loved Barkingside High Street trader who is currently closing down his store. We wish him well in whatever venture awaits him. Where am I going to buy my fat balls now?Barkingside Home Hardware, Barnes Carpets, and Tootsies the childrens shoe shop are all closing down. The pound shop that recently took over from Harmony has been closed for at least a week. The old Halifax is still vacant and the Estate Agents just along the road has been abandoned. The Chequers pub owners have given up and it is being run temporarily by the Brewery pending a new landlord. Clinton Cards have a massive sale – is that normal? Or are they on the way out too? The advertising hoardings attached to our lampposts have been blank for months. We do though have a new Asian jewellers.So, what better time to remind everybody that on Monday week, 1st February at 7pm in the Aldborough Room, Fullwell Cross Library, there will be consultation meeting on Barkingside Town Centre’s future.Chaired by B21 this meeting will have on the panel Keith Prince, Leader of the Council, Mark Lucas and Matthew Maple [Planning Officers] and representatives from the consultants who have conducted a feasibility study. See the flyer here. 4,000 being delivered this weekend in this area.Note: I nicked the post title from Flesh is Grass, but she used it for a much happier purpose.

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