Monday, January 14, 2008


Consultation letter regarding the Sydney Road and Waverley Gardens junctions, the aim of the build-outs would be to physically prevent cars parking on the end of the marked out pay & display bays and to improve sightlines for traffic turning into the High Street as give-way lines would be moved forward in line with the outer edge of the build-outs. It is intended that the results of this further consultation will be reported to the 23rd January 2008 meeting of Area 3 Committee for consideration.


Transport for London has provided funding for the traffic management measures and CCTV in the current financial year which Area 3 Committee has approved. The allocation also allows for the implementation of the build-outs if approved. New lamp columns and improved street furniture will be implemented during 2008/9. There may be further opportunities for public realm improvements as part of future regeneration proposals which could be included in bids for external funding.


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Anonymous said...

I appreciate these build outs stop people parking on the corner but I cme out o Westminster Gardens which has a brand new build out and had to pull so far out into the High Street to see if anything was coming a car coming towards me hooted me