Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Letter To Lee Scott


100 High Street Barkingside,


Essex. IG6 2DR


Wednesday 16th January 2008



Dear Lee Scott


Could you please advise the Partnership on the following information regarding Barkingside High Street:


Transport for London has provided funding for the traffic management measures and CCTV in the current financial year which Area 3 Committee has approved. The allocation also allows for the implementation of the build-outs if approved. New lamp columns and improved street furniture will be implemented during 2008/9. There may be further opportunities for public realm improvements as part of future regeneration proposals which could be included in bids for external funding.


Can the Barkingside Business Partnership also be involved in the decisions to be made on the type of new lamp columns and improved street furniture and future regeneration proposals?




Paul Burke




Lee Scott MP

House of Commons

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