Thursday, March 6, 2008

arranging a meeting

Dear Keith

Hope you are well

Could we please arrange a meeting with you and Lee Scott on a Friday at your earliest convenience to discuss the issuses below.
In the meantime could I please have the case number or reference for the enforcement notices served on Elite and Rowans so we can raise them with the planning inspectorate and keep an eye on there progress
Many thanks

Paul Burke
Barkingside Business Partnership


Subject: RE:
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 15:58:33 +0000

Dear Paul

Beverley and I have sat down together and discussed the best way forward regarding the issues you raised many of which will take some time to get answers or action on.

I have approach the relevant Cabinet Member regarding The Carnival and use of Craven Car Park. He is considering both proposals.

I am awaiting a response re Health and Safety checks

With regard to Food Safety the premises were inspected and they were found to be satisfactory.

Re the pool Plaza I have spoken to the Chief Officer and he has no problem with the Partnership using it but the Plaza is not suitable for heavy plant or equipment nor cars etc. He will expect a deposit if activities are planned which involve heavy equipment because there is a risk that the participants might unload their vehicles on the plaza and thus damage it.

Beverly and I have discussed this and we feel the way forward may be to look at events such as performing arts and street acts which would pose no risk to the plaza.

Beverley will pursue the issue of Seating and Hanging baskets, and update you re CCTV

She will also, as she was involved with the Hainault Business Partnership BID, arrange a briefing session with you re this.

I think if you can give us a couple more weeks we can arrange another meeting with perhaps yourselves Lee,Beverley and me then we should have more answers and suggestions on the way forward and at that meeting maybe Bev can do the BID brief.

Hope all is well otherwise.

Kind regards

Councillor Keith Prince
Barkingside Ward
Cabinet Member
Planning, Regeneration & The Environment

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Sent: 14 February 2008 9:44 am

Dear Keith
Could you please update the Partnership on our meeting with yourself and Lee Scott on Friday 1st February.
Paul Burke
Barkingside Business Partnership


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